What’s “panaquonpe” ?

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panaquonpe is a world view. Start with cult movies: Jodorowsky, Bunuel and Liquid Sky, maybe; add a layer of radical and physically subversive underground theater, folded into a New Wave sensibility… can you see? Kovacs, the unit leader, has incorporated many diverse influences, filtered them through EDM, electronic DubStep and a new romanticism, and serves up panaquonpe. Each performance expresses, articulates, expands and evolves this world view, often in unanticipated new directions.
“I’ve performed in so many media, in countless different form of collaboration over the years…” he recalls. “My home is in electronic music, whether as backup or front line. Vocaloid provides a new spice to my current work; Hatsune Miku and Big Room EDM got me to thinking, about a sound/look that grafts Prince and Serge Gainsbourg onto a lone vocoded dancer on a dark stage, surrounded by and blending into/bending with an earthquake of intense drums and wobble-bass. The effect is eclectic, visual, greedily absorptive and cheekily reflective: can you see? What kind of movie will this inspire you to make?

panaquonpe MV “Unsatisfactory”


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